Now that you’ve made the team let’s get you set with the latest and best products in apparel for your sport. We work directly with the coaches to finalize art and items offered to each team, create the order form with due back to coach deadline printed on form. All items are delivered to the school 7-10 days after orders are turned into us.
1. My child didn’t tell me they were due last week. Can I still get the items for this season?
NO PROBLEM, since all production is done in our store we are able to help with late orders if you come into the store.
2. What size should I order my child?
As much as we would love to be able to read your mind we just aren’t able to. We are however able to send you product spec sheets so you know what size your child will need better. We often have items in store for sizing purposes.
3. Who do we make payment to?
Please check your order forms! Each team is different in that some would like us to handle the money directly and others want us to bill the school. If you are ordering after the team order is placed by the coach payment must be made in store before items will be completed as we deliver finished items to the school for ALL team orders.

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