Local businesses that come to My Sports Locker for their custom apparel needs are listed below. My Sports Locker is also happy to create custom apparel for businesses outside of Bloomington, Indiana.


Arlington Heights Elementary

Binford Elementary

Childs Elementary

Clear Creek Elementary

Dollens Elementary

Eastern Greene Elementary

Edgewood Intermediate

Edgewood Primary

Fairview Elementary

Fayetteville Elementary

Grandview Elementary

Helmsburg Elementary

Heltonville Elementary

Highland Park Elementary

Lakeview Elementary

Lighthouse Christian Academy

Lincoln Elementary

Marlin Elementary

Needmore Elementary

Parkview Intermediate

Parkview Primary

Rogers Elementary

Shawswick Elementary

Springville Elementary

Sprunica Elementary

St. Charles Catholic School

Stalker Elementary

Stinesville Elementary

Summit Elementary

Templeton Elementary

Unionville Elementary

University Elementary

Van Buren Elementary

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